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From 476( Blue Route)

Exit 5.It will say: Route 1 towards Lima.(If you are coming from Plymouth Meeting area turn right at the exit)

Take Route 1 to intersection of 452. You will first pass exits to route 252 and 352. Then you will pass Granite Run Mall

on your right. Stay in your left lane and you will turn left on to 452 south.(There is a  traffic light).

If you come from Chadds Ford you will have passed Wawa just before this intersection.

Go south on 452 for about 11/2 mile  Here are some landmarks: You  will pass Wolfes farm market on your left.

Then there will be a traffic light at Lenni Rd. And one at Parkmount Rd.(going down a hill).  

Shortly after Parkmount Rd you will see an old railroad bridge “hanging”

over the road.  Just before this bridge turn right on to Mount Road.


Mount Road twists around for about ¾ mile.

You will have a stop sign at Convent Road.Continue down a short hill.

At the bottom of the hill, several streets will come together. There is a war memorial monument in the

middle of this intersection.  Turn right onto New Road. You will immediately cross a little bridge and

immediately after this there is a big sign to your right:# 2 New Rd.  Riddle Valley Industrial Park.

Go into the parking lot and park.. You will see a big white house on your left  but if you look straight

ahead you see a big brown office building. The entrance is in the middle of the brown building.



FROM 95 going north or south

 Exit at 452(also called Market street) and go north for about  4-5 miles.

As you are getting closer, here are some landmarks:

You will pass an Ace Hardware store on your right. Then you will have  Barnaby’s restaurant on your left.

It looks like an old mill. There is a traffic light just there. Shortly after that, you will see an old railroad

bridge “hanging” over the road. Stay to your left because you will turn left onto Mount Rd immediately.

Then follow the directions as above: Mount Road